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27 Dec 2010
Some features, such as Bluetooth and wifi may not always be necessary.  These features do add a minimal amount of drain to your computer when running on battery power, so if they are not currently being used then turning them off will add a bit more life to your battery.  It is also a good idea to reduce the screens brightness when possible.  There are some instances when it may be necessary to have your computer screen turned up to the maximum brightness.  If it is not necessary, however, dimming your computer screen will have a pronounced effect on how long you can go without charging.

Helping your laptop run as cool as possible will also help to conserve battery power.  If the cooling fan is being restricted then the processor with get overly hot and cause an excessive drain on your battery.  There are laptop trays that are specially designed to leave a space beneath a laptop in order to enhance its cooling capabilities.  You may also be interested in purchasing a specialized laptop tray with its own fan built fan.  For individuals that have no choice but to place extreme demands on their battery, upgrading to a higher capacity battery or an external batterymay be the best option.


laptopbatttery | 6 years 11 months ago
One tip is to disable themes and screen savers. A standard look will be far less taxing to your battery, even if it does not look as cool. Themes and screen savers are purely aesthetic. Battery for laptop is good. Back when monitors could have images burned on them when left on one screen for too long, screen savers prevented this. Its popularity never died out even though they are completely unnecessary today.

laptopbatttery | 6 years 11 months ago
Thanks for the nice bloig!very useful!

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